It's Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021 and here at Stuffs HQ - which is just our living rooms at the moment - we're taking a moment to celebrate our amazing creative apprentices who helped us do amazing stuffs in 2020, and no doubt will continue to help us grow into your next fave social media agency in 2021 😎.

The apprenticeship case for inclusion and diversity

Creating new routes to industry is very important to us as a business that is built on inclusivity and diversifying the ad agency world. With report after report citing the severe lack of representation within the advertising and marketing world, apprenticeships are a great way to provide new opportunities for creatives that may be overlooked by traditional routes to industry.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity isn't just another policy statement, at Stuffs we actively engage overlooked communities and work & recruit them to be part of the family -- because at the end of the day, there's a lot of talk about how to do inclusion and diversity but very little action.

Meet our first apprentice

Temwani Kasambara joined Stuffs at the beginning of February as our very first apprentice in the role of Junior Campaigns Producer. While COVID-19 changed the future of how marketing would be done over the course of 2020, the opportunity to employ Temwani was transformative to us as a small agency.

During 2020, Temwani created social media content for a range of brands while also developing our in-house influencer service and product development of the UK's very first influencer box; The Soul Box.

"I'm very grateful to have been able to complete my apprenticeship. It was challenging at times, especially with no face to face teaching but I had a lot of support from those around me and I made it through in the end.
After leaving university, I didn't really know what my next steps were but I was given this opportunity which I never thought I would have. I've already been able to use the knowledge and skills that I picked up. I've gained more confidence in myself and my abilities, and I'm looking forward to exploring my career opportunities!"
- Temwani, Glasgow

Thanks to funding from Skills Development Scotland to cover the cost of the qualification taught by apprenticeship provider QA, we were able to grow our business and Temwani's part to play cannot be downplayed -- in fact we're so proud of her for completing her apprenticeship during a global pandemic, that we're planning on submitting her for the next apprenticeship awards. If you're considering hiring an apprentice we'd be happy to talk and give you our experience as an employer & creative business.

It's time we invested more in the futures of young people, especially young people from underrepresented backgrounds. It's something we'll always be committed to and we're already excited to have our next apprentice employed with us.

Meet our second apprentice

After mentoring Sarah Krajovska as she finished her final year of studies at Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh it was apparent that her future in the creative industry was bright. But like many students who found themselves graduating in a COVID-19 world, Sarah's career path into the creative sector came in the form of freelancing with us.

Thanks to a new initiative from Scottish Government, we've been able to secure funding to offer Sarah a paid position that allows her to train as a digital marketer while earning a qualification in the process.

Just do it

If you're thinking about hiring an apprentice in Scotland or the wider UK we hope our experience as a small agency that believes in providing as many opportunities as we can for young people inspires you to take the leap of faith.

You can reach out to us anytime to discuss creative apprenticeships and how to develop your own apprenticeship programme.