It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas and lots of other cheesy but totally on point copy lines.

We were delighted to work with Gemma Wilson PR (by the way if you're looking for an awesome PR representative she's ya women) on celebrating Bross Bagel's presence at Foodies Festival Christmas in Edinburgh and the launch of their new festive menu.

Celebrating a cult Edinburgh eatery

The Bross Bagels story started when founder Larah Bross tested her idea of Montréal style bagels in Scotland at Foodies Festival back in 2014. It was a roaring success and the rest as we taste is history. Five years, four eateries and 16,000 Instagram followers later, Larah returned to the Hoover Chefs Theatre in Edinburgh as a headlining 2019 food legend, whose fourth Bruntsfield Place shop was the backdrop for our Christmas influencer event.

The new Bruntsfield Place hangout features details from Villa-Maria's public metro station. A fact that we were delighted to find out from Operations Manager, Laure Hann. The feel good colours of the tiling and illumined signage as you head downstairs are all nods to this iconic Montréal station. In fact, Laure got our creative minds buzzing even further with the insider's tip-off that she'd actually spoken to the Canadian architect, Montréal design icon and subway designer André Léonard. You'll need to stop by the shop to find out what he had to say when he found out a wee shop in Edinburgh had been inspired by his work.

Seriously, could Bross get any cooler.

Making super tasty marketing stuffs happen

With local Edinburgh influencers like Inside the Rustic Kitchen, Manchego & Mash and Vanessa Kanbi stopping by for a private tasting of the new Christmas menu it was the perfect night's feasting.

Guests left with the resplendent tastes of Lind & Lime gin from Port of Leith Distillery on their lips and a feeling that the Scottish food scene was definitely the best place to be this Christmas.

But what's a Christmas influencer night without a little gift to unwrap, and guests were able to head home with treats from new Edinburgh chocolatiers, Fellow Creatures. Waking up the next morning the best present we were treated to; was seeing all of their amazing Instagram Stories shouting out these awesome brands. We won't load here with the stats but if you want to talk analytics stuffs we'd love to geek out with you.

They say food and drink go hand and hand but what we'd say is; that's one hand for the food and drink and another for the social media content. Just swipe through the gallery above to see what we mean. And read this piece from CNN on what the industry means.

If you're a business looking for a way to supercharge a campaign with influencers and social media campaigns we'd love to do stuffs.

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