Do you even speak GIFs bro?

Unlike lifting culture, the good ol' fashioned GIF has revolutionised the way we communicate for if a picture paints a thousand words; a GIF paints a million.

What's a GIF after all?

Better known as a graphics interchangeable format (basically an image that can be static or moving due to many static frames piecing together to form a short looped video), this catchy way of sharing sentiment has become one of our favourite ways to communicate. With everything from the Oscars to Simpsons having their own viral GIFs, they have become part and parcel of what makes social media so amazing.

Like a good meme, when you see a good GIF (yep, that's a really good meme right there) you understand exactly the feeling that is being shared.

Brands are always trying to humanise how their communications land with their audience, and especially more so with audiences that are not already familiar or in love with them. GIFs can allow brands to share an instant sentiment, and when turned into social media stickers to be used in Instagram Stories - a platform format that is all about sharing sentiment and how you are feeling - it's a match made in GIPHY heaven.

Making Tiny GIFs

Tiny Changes is an amazing Scottish mental health charity working to help young minds feel better and when they launched their new brand, designed by the amazing ilka we knew that Instagram would be a key platform in helping them communicate with young people.

After a wee team meeting our summer Campaigns Producer, Rebecca Duncan, took on the mighty task of creating some fun animations that brought some of the key brand words to life.

Using the brand's striking new colour palette and fun custom font, the result was five amazing brand GIFs that are available for people to use in their Instagram Stories by searching 'tinychanges'.

Handy Stuffs guide to making a brand GIF

Due to COVID-19 we know that many brands are now having to create GIFs in-house and here's our handy guide on how to create brand GIFs.

  1. Create your gif in Photoshop, GIPHY or amazing tools like this or this. In Photoshop you can create a video timeline or create designs to save out as separate files that can be merged using those amazing tools above. In GIPHY you can create some in the platform or use a video you love.

  2. Apply for a brand account in GIPHY.

  3. Get your GIFs out there.

Why don't you set yourself a wee challenge to create some festive ones for your brand over the next few months? If you'd like a hand in helping get your brand out there on social media or to get some custom brand GIFs created just drop us a line and let's do stuffs.