Taking an iconic wine brand like Mateus to a new audience of millennial women across the UK takes an approach that's intelligent, fun and above all; puts the product in front of the audience IRL and online.

Blended marketing is big news

Social media fatigue is real. With the plethora of options out there most of us find ourselves scrolling without intention. What this means for brands, is that consumers don't really go on social media to make on the spot purchase decisions anymore because there's simply too much content on our feeds -- plus it's all very same-sy. We now scroll more for fun, escapism, boredom, habit, or all of the above. For brands to now make a purchase intention as strong as possible an experience with the brand offline and online is the sweet spot for marketing teams.

We're spoilt for choice and getting a product in front of the person who is going to buy takes really knowing what you're doing. We like to think that's us and if you've spoken social media with us you'll know that our social media strategy stuffs is more than just a pretty pic. Our driving force is putting the soul back into social and if you want to know our pysche the quickest way is to watch this TedTalk from one of our fave psychologists, Barry Schwartz.

Ok, back to the wine brand stuffs.

When Mateus looked to launch a new miniature bottle at the UK's largest food and drinks festival we knew our marketing stuffs for Foodies Festival would need an approach that filled in the grey areas in the offline and brought in online brand exposure that drove the offline purchases.

Self-confessed culture vulture, Rio Ruskin capturing the magic at the Oxford influencer picnic.

The sweet taste of success

With over 2 million reached through the social media from the campaign and the offline influencer events leading to Mateus smashing all of their sales KPIs from IRL product purchases at Foodies Festival it was a pretty sweet tasting campaign.

It's tempting to talk how working with YO! Sushi and Just Eat brought the campaign to a whole new level of audience relevant brand recognition for Mateus. Or how regional influencers like Hannah Styled It and In Search of Happiness took to their Instagram platforms to connect with local audiences.

But that's where the Apple trademarked 'there's an app for that' line adds value to this next sentence -- as we say; "there's a casestudy for that".

Read casestudy.

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