The answer is you don't. Well you do but it's never really that easy to answer aye.

We closed 2019 with a social media campaign for two iconic brands in the luxury market and while we're still glowing from the work produced in November and December, we thought January would be a perfect time to look at social media for the luxury cars market. With Bloomberg covering the rise of social media influencers this quote really highlights how both the media and automobile market has changed and how visibility is key.

It’s a high-stakes game set in two volatile landscapes: Both autos and media have undergone massive revolutions in recent years. The losers are those unseen by millions. The prize in last place is irrelevance.

And no one wants to be a loser.


With influencer marketing changing the media game, it's no surprise that luxury car influencers have become a niche area in automobile marketing and when Maserati announced the launch of their first showroom in Edinburgh we knew a bespoke influencer campaign would be the best way to get this iconic car brand in front of the millennials and luxury car fans in Edinburgh.

Leveraging a partnership with iconic Scottish brand The Balmoral allowed us to create a brand collaboration where a new launch could be aligned with a cultural icon in Edinburgh. Celebrating the very best of luxury Edinburgh, content was king and influencers queen, to help create the visibility needed. Something that resulted in press features and impressions galore.


Over 15 influencers were invited to an private influencer event where they created content celebrating Edinburgh which could be shared to celebrate Maserati's love for the city - creating local brand awareness and helping them make space within their target audience for their new showroom. After all, if you're fan of luxury hotels, fine dining and Edinburgh; their new showroom would naturally be an interest area for you or someone you know.

With Maserati providing chauffeurs to the event the influencers were able to experience the brand in person and create live content on their Instagram Stories.

So, what can be taken away as ways social media can be done for luxury car brands?

1. Leverage brand partnerships

2. Work with influencers

3. Create in person brand experiences

4. Show your love for the city of your showroom

5. Make it all instagrammable

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