Holla. When it comes to creative marketing kind of stuffs we're not only passionate about social media and creative marketing, we love the family we have here and the stuffs that they do.

Their talents help us do what we do and do it in the best way possible. It's only right then that we introduce the new faces of our family.

Boys and girls, introducing Illustrator, Lalita Love.

What it do, what it do. From creating cool London illustration stuffs for cult beauty brand Soapsmith to doodling killer campaign creations for energy companies; Lalita Love is a self-taught Scottish woman in design whose work is pretty out of this world.

Let's sit down and get to know her.

Hey Lalita. So how did you get into illustration?

I was always loved the idea of being a good storyteller so although I've always had creative ability in some capacity, this drive to share better stories and deeper messages is what really drove me to better myself and think about it "seriously". 

Who are some of your fave clients?

Every project I've had the privilege of being a part of has been a great experience! My personal faves are some logo works has been logo designs for business ideas that are currently under wraps so I better hush-hush. 

Ooh exciting. What inspires you in your work?

In my personal work, I would say cool female characters and gangs. So the likes of Kill Bill, Suckerpunch and the Gotham Sirens are big influences. 

What was the last campaign to really move you?

Thai Life Insurance adverts hands down never fail to make me call my mum, tell her I love her and have a cry. It always hits me in my feels!

Ok, the big one; custard creams or bourbons?


And finally, do you believe in aliens?

Technically, we're the aliens. We're the ones launching probes and trying to get to other planets. We're just a lonely bunch of aliens trying to start a conversation I think. 

Nice one Lalita and welcome to the family.

Want to do illustration stuffs with Lalita? Drop us a line and let's do stuffs.






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