We were very lucky in 2020 to get to work with some new and exciting brands. Businesses that had wellness at their core saw a spike in sales and engagement, and Sleep Easy was no different.

Using science to bring the brand to life

Instagram feed strategy is equal parts the science of strategy and the art of creativity. When Sleep Easy wanted to revamp their brand with a style refresh of colours and shapes, we developed a feed strategy that helped showcase the product's excellence, and the brand's expertise in sleep wellness.

Using the scrolling feature of Instagram, we researched the science of sleep and discovered the wonders of circadian rhythms - the body's built in clock that is set by nature. Using this as our basis we then developed an art board which was created to bring this story of the ebbs and flows of life, well to life.

The artboard brings the idea to life

Creating an artboard is a great way to plan the visual aspects of designing and storytelling on social media; it allows you to plan a coherent brand story across multiple posts and test concepts.

Here's a look at the Sleep Easy artboard we created 👇.

With the trend of splitting images up being far less engaging due to the removal of Instagram's chronological feed order a years back, it's important that each post in a split image is able to be understood on its own - Aldi is a great example of how to do this perfectly.

Using the colours of daytime and nighttime, we created a backdrop that allowed for a singular backdrop design that could be split up and used for each individual post, and it looks pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

The wave creates a subtle bringing together of the individual posts, and the brand colours are used to illustrate the circadian rhythm in a way that is both visually appealing and a point of deeper social media interest.

Hopefully, that's given you some ideas of how you can use feed strategy to help tell your brand and product story on Instagram.