It's a question we've often asked ourselves here in the Stuffs studio. What sort of content makes people engage on social media? Or has them coming back for more?

Humour is very subjective, like very. But have you ever been around someone who really makes you laugh? Like you never want to leave their company right?. If your brand is the persona of your business, then you want the sort of brand personality that people want to be around.


When working with London based occasion wear brand Goddiva the injection of humour was created to drive engagement and develop a brand personality that matched the young women that shop from the brand.

Every woman has been single or knows a woman that is single (hello shared moments of relatability) and by injecting an empowering statement that is relatable creates an opportunity to connect with the brand beyond the just the clothes they sell.

And the Beyoncé and Alexa reference adds brand alignment with two huge brand personalities that elevate Goddiva's status.


So just how do you do it? Hopefully, reading how we did it for Goddiva has gotten the ideas flowing for how to inject humour into your social media content in a clever and simplistic way - because no one likes a try hard.

But it's also helpful to share a few extra tidbits that might be easy to miss 😉.

  1. We used the brand colours and font to make the quote unique to Goddiva.

  2. We replied back to every comment to lift that brand personality and drive engagement.

  3. We planned the content for during Love Island and on the run up to Valentine's Day when relationship conversations would be front of mind.

Now all that's left is for you to work out how you can recreate something similar for your brand.

If you'd like us to handle all that side of social media stuffs for you, we'd love to and you can get in touch here.