2020 taught us that the small moments in life add up to huge moments, something we have always known and promoted here at Stuffs, but that this year really brought home in a new way. Climate change denial is no longer an issue of scientific debate but a personal choice to accept or reject the facts.

The good, the bad, and the ugly about climate change in 2020

With COP26 being postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19, and all around the globe lockdowns allowing nature to flourish as fossil fuel emissions from work related travel dropped - hello accidental happy side effect of lockdown - we're looking forward to seeing a renewed commitment to sustainability in marketing in 2021.

The National History Museum has a fantastic article on the positive impact lockdown had on wildlife across the UK that highlights just how much the change in our daily lives impacted climate change. For example, fuel sales dropped by up to 70% in 2020, and as more businesses worked remotely the impact on air pollution was marked.

Working with sustainable brands on social media

One of the weird but wonderful joys of 2020, was getting to work 100% remotely with new clients. Prior to lockdown and COVID-19 announcements in March, we decided as a team that we wanted to work entirely remotely with weekly in person catch ups over doughnuts and hot drinks. It became somewhat of a Friday tradition, and to be slightly ahead of the remote working lockdown curve definitely helped us transition into offering all of our agency services online much quicker. The impact on our carbon reduction was pretty cool to see as too - by being a digital agency that works remotely we saved 2,520kg of CO2 in 2020.

Winning - and losing - clients was a very real part of lockdown but of the clients we did get to work with during 2020, sustainable travel tech brand Elka was a sustainability dream social media project come through. After a remote briefing workshop with co-founder Alex Gatehouse, we were able to work with their in-house to create influencer, affiliate, and social media campaigns with sustainability at the heart of the content.

When creating social media content focused on sustainability it's important to educate and inspire in equal measures. And with that in mind here are two of our top predictions for sustainable marketing in 2021.

Doing social media sustainability stuffs

1. Remote content shoots. Anyone that has produced an offline shoot will be able to tell you the amount of travel, electricity, and time involved is pretty hefty. But what they usually won't be able to tell you is the environmental impact of all this in person production work. We reckon remote shoots are here to stay and now is probably a good time to get your remote content photoshoot, not just because of COVID-19 but the environmental benefits are definitely worth keeping in mind too.

2. Virtual experiences. This one's been the buzz term in marketing for a good while but 2020 really showed brands the power of virtual experiences. Just like offline production shoots, experiential events allow you to use online delivery to create a social media experience that brings your brand and mission to life. A big part of sustainability is created environments were people can thrive and in 2020 we were so honoured to be able to help produce, not one but two social media festivals that focused on mental health, supporting the NHS, and ending homelessness with Tiny Changes and the UK's largest food and drinks festival.

No matter what the eventual trends in social media are for 2021, we're committed to continuing to be a sustainable social media agency with soul.

What are the trends that you think we'll see more of in 2021?