Appear Here kicked off 2020 with a pretty big bang as their Today At Apple series went live in London. We would definitely recommend getting along to one and details on how are over on the Appear Here blog.

Appear Here's mission is to make booking a retail space as easy as booking a hotel and wow they've aced that mission. Technology is changing the way businesses come to market, hello iZettle and co, and on the startup side of things technology is disrupting the way great ideas are tested and scaled to market.

With ever rising rents, rates and retail costs; permanent spaces are slowly loosing their place as the optimum option in favour of the pop-up experience. Combining the gold of experience marketing, which millennials are increasingly looking for, and the less resource intense of a permanent store.

Matt Boffey, founder of innovation consultancy London Strategy Unit, says: “The growing importance of experiences is true across the board, irrespective of age. But millennials could be said to be the first true digital natives and what technology has allowed them to do is commoditise those experiences. The ability to document, upload and share (aka ‘showing off’) further enhances the value of experiences.

Appear Here is that perfect case for commoditising experience in a way that is culture rich and tech savvy. And of course what better way to share their brand ethos than with a Today At Apple experiential event in the UK's biggest Apple store.


We actually found out about the series through a newsletter from Appear Here; hello proof that email marketing really is all that and a bag of chips - actually let's caveat that with the disclaimer that great email marketing is what we mean here.

EJDER took to the stage in an exclusive discussion and session on community-driven stores and how they have shaped an online & offline community through experience. Here are our five top take aways from an evening of some of the most inspiring chat we've had the pleasure of listening to in a long while.


1. Culture starts on the streets

You've got to listen and engage with what's happening on a grass roots level. If you want to know what matters to your community go to where they are. Social listening is a huge part of building an authentic community.

2. Make your community contributors

If you have an active community it's time you shared their stories. Have them curate contributions and become co-creators with you.

3. Empower your digital community with offline experiences

Make that online energy translate with offline events. See our work for Foodies Festival in using online and offline for community building.

4. People feel it when it comes from a genuine place.

Tone of voice is great but authenticity and knowing how to have a genuine conversation really is an art. Don't skimp on the time that should be put into genuine interactions with your current and prospective community.

5. Be a champion and platform for people to believe in.

Being the change is something that we're really passionate about and our job at the end of the day is to help brands put the soul back into their social media. But that's more than just gimmicky marketing campaigns to us. It's about really walking the talk and empowering communities with a clear purpose. Have you thought about how brand your empowers people? What are the stories that come from this? How can your platform share these stories in an empowering and inclusive way?


We've all heard of 'Where's Wally?' But how about 'Where's Sophie?'

Naturally, as the founder of a social media agency that is big on experience - check out our influencer event with Edinburgh based Bross Bagels - you was always going to find our founder up front with a smart phone ready to cover the whole experience on Instagram Stories.

If experience led and community marketing is something you're looking to do more of in 2020 let's chat ways to do stuffs.