I was really tempted, like really tempted, to edit the feature image for this blog to have the text tagline 'The Powerstuffs Girls' in the font of The Powerpuff Girls but a lawsuit from Cartoon Network isn't a good idea in any climate - but definitely not as a small agency in the Covid-19 climate.

But one thing the coronavirus distracted us from was International Women's Month and we sure aren't going to let it go past without showing some love to the amazing women who are the power to our stuffs.

A - Z of Power

Remember those A-Z maps we used to have in our cars in the 80s and 90s? Well consider this your roadmap to some of the most awesome women who do awesome stuffs and who, without their support, business and friendship, us as a business would not exist. Get to know them and get to love them.

Abi - Co-Founder of LIHA Beauty

Amanda - Founder of I Can Make Shoes

Anabella - Graphic Designer & Co-Founder of equilibré

Beth - Founder of Scenery Label

Charley - Co-Founder of Brave Your Day

Charlotte - Creative Projects Producer & Coffee Blogger

Chloe - Surface Designer based in Glasgow

Chris - Photographer based in Edinburgh

Claire - Powerstuffs Sister

Daisy - Blogger based in Wales

Diana - Artist based in London

Ellie - Fashion & Portrait Photographer based in Edinburgh

Fee - Digital & Motion Designer based in London

Gemma - Illustrator & Print Maker based in London

Jamie - Co-Founder of Equator

Kat - Graphic Designer & Co-Founder of Zag

Khanyi - Investment Analyst

Laura - Co-Founder of ilka

Laura - Founder of Need

Laura - Digital & Brand Consultant

Leonie - Business & Life Coach

Lindsey - Digital Producer & Music Blogger

Lisa - Co-Founder of ilka

Lu - Marketing Consultant

Magda - Founder of Barber Unleashed

Menya - Powerstuffs Aunty

Naomi - PR & Comms Strategist

Natalia - Co-Founder of Many Studios

Natasha - Founder of Generation Generous

Olivia - Powerstuffs Sister

Retna - Founder of deeblanche inc

Rhoda - Powerstuffs Aunty

Rose - Powerstuffs Mummy

Sade - Actress & Founder of Wigs Concierge

Sam - Founder of Soapsmith

Sarah - Graphic Designer & Co-Founder of equilibré

Sue - Founder of The Media Publishing Company

Temwani - Junior Campaign Producer

Tomiwa - Digital Writer


Nominate & Let's Grow the List

Whew, what a beautiful list spanning all ages, races, industries, sexualities, nationalities, abilities but all with a superpower. We want to keep adding to this list so if you know a Powerstuff Girl using her powers for the good of women across the world get in touch.

Stay safe and stay well folks!