Back in Lockdown 1.0 when we were all hoping we'd be out of the Pandemic by summer (if only we'd paid attention to the data patterns and historical lessons from The Spanish Flu), there was Versuz with their, at time of writing, 4.8 million Instagram followers, Tim Burgess and Tim's listening party on Twitter with millions of impressions over 2020 and 200+ mentions in the last 24 hours alone, and a small but mighty Facebook Festival from Tiny Changes.

Tiny Gigs

On the weekend of June 20 - 21st June, Tiny Changes took their mission to help young minds feel better online with their first ever digital music festival - with a programme of young and established artists coming together to help fundraise over £19,000.

Programming was developed by the fantastic Kara Brown, CEO and Sandra Gordon, Fundraising Officer at Tiny Changes with promotional graphics created by awesome brand & design studio ilka, PR by the amazing Harriet Brampton, and social media stuffs by Stuffs.

Keeping young people at the heart of the programming and festival line up created a social media event that was engaging, fresh and authentic. With stats from Young Minds showing that "58% of respondents (young people aged 13 - 35) described their mental health as poor prior to schools returning; this has risen to 69% now that they are back at school." - the extent of the impact of lockdown and COVID-19 on young minds is starting to be fully comprehended.

For many young people, social media became a respite from the uncertainty of 2020 - it definitely did for our young team of social media superstars - and Tiny Gigs provided something by young people for young people.

With over 2377% increase in page views for Tiny Gigs, reach rose by 537% and engagement by 1550% the demographic of users shifted to see more young people engage with Tiny Changes.

Social media may have its moments but on that sunny weekend in June, it felt like we were all in a field connecting with new friends and celebrating the power of being together.

The Team

A massive thank you to Tiny Changes for trusting us to work with their amazing team over the Tiny Gigs weekend. It was easily one of the most happiest weeks we had in 2020.