Holla. When it comes to creative marketing kind of stuffs we're not only passionate about social media and creative marketing, we love the family we have here and the stuffs that they do.

Over the summer 2019 we were joined by the amazing Tomiwa Folorunso who worked on an amazing influencer campaign for Foodies Festival.

While Tomiwa is now university bound to complete her Masters in Cultural Studies, we took a moment to pen a little interview with her.

Hey Tomiwa. So how did you get into social media?

I’ve been on social media for around 10 years. I worked for a feminist charity for a year and with Stellar Quines (feminist theatre company) and both my roles involved a lot of social. I also gained invaluable knowledge from my former colleague and now friend, Jemma, who talked me through using and understanding social media as a creator as opposed to a consumer.

Nice! That leads us perfectly onto our next question. What's your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. There are so many people and by extension, thoughts and ideas I would have never been exposed to without Instagram. I can’t lie, I also just love sharing photos, mainly of myself and occasionally of my friends.

Ooh we like. What client brand did you enjoy working on most?

Foodies Festival! Which is great because I’m a huge food fan and I’ve worked in hospitality for about 3 years.

What was the last brand campaign to really move you?

The Nike Ad, ‘Dream Crazier’, voiced by Serena Williams that came out at the end of February! I love it when content like this drops first thing because you just feel inspired and motivated for the rest of your day.

That's a winner for sure. Have you ever won anything?

I won a space hopper at bingo, the way my friends gassed me you’d think I had won an Oscar!

Ok, the big one; chocolate digestive or Hob Nobs?

Obviously, a chocolate digestive accompanied with cup of good quality breakfast tea.

And finally, do you believe in aliens?

We’re the aliens?

Thanks Tomiwa and good luck with your Masters. We're rooting for you and know you'll be amazing.

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